Exterra system – overview

Information to property owners

Your home has subterranean termites. Or you realise there is a good chance that it will if it is not properly protected. But the only way to stop termites is an invasive process that requires the application of hundreds of litres of toxic spray under and around your home. Right?



Not anymore. Imagine all this being replaced by the application in a closed and locked Station of a termite bait containing a few grams of an active ingredient less toxic than table salt.

Welcome to the future of termite management – termite baiting with Exterra.

Until recently, the almost exclusively used method of termite management was the application of a toxic chemical soil barrier. The application of such a barrier to your home would typically involve spraying large volumes of toxic and environmentally persistent chemicals around and under its foundation in close proximity to you and your family. But Exterra radically changes all that. And as important as Exterra’s environment friendly features are, they’re just a big bonus. Exterra’s greatest advantage compared to chemical barriers is its ability to eliminate the actual source of your termite problem – the termite colony itself. (And, what professionals often fail to advise, the purpose of a toxic chemical soil barrier is to prevent concealed entry by termites into your home. Termite can still bridge these toxic chemical barriers, or exploit gaps if the barrier is not complete and continuous. This is all detailed in the Australian Standard AS 3660 Termite management .

The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System is a systematic, multi-step termite management method. Australian field trials have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the system in controlling subterranean termites in Australia.

The Exterra System represents a true paradigm shift in termite management. Conventional approaches to termite management can be likened to treating the symptoms of a disease but not the actual disease. Exterra in many ways is akin to treating the actual disease. Exterra even offers the possibility of curing the “disease.”


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