Q1. How much to spray my house for termites ?

This will vary, a site inspection of the property needs to be done, followed by written, obligation free proposal ; this can not be done over the phone.

Q2. Do you give a warranty ?

A free service warranty applies to all work carried and a $100,000.00 timber warranty may apply to termite protection.

Q3. Are you insured ?

All the technicians are fully licensed and Advanced Pest Control has public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Your technician will have a copy of all certificates and you are welcome to view them.

Q4. How do I know if I have termites ?

They are silent invaders and you may not know until it is too late, A termite inspection to Australian Standard 3660.2-2000 or 4349.3-1998 is recommended.

Q5. Do I have to leave the house ?

Depends on the pest being treated. Generally, you do not have to leave the premises unless you are concerned. The technician will advise you of any requirement.

Q6. Why does there appears to be such a large variation in the quotes ?

It is very important to understand what is being quoted. Are you being quoted for full protection or not, and is there ongoing additional cost to be incurred.
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