Rodents and mice are commensal pests: they successfully co-habit with humans, eating whatever food they can find and sharing the shelter of our buildings. Rodents contaminate more food than they eat and in so doing, many diseases are transmitted. In conjunction with the flea, rats were responsible for the deaths of 25 million Europeans from Bubonic Plague.


The three major pest species are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse.They are common in the major population centres of Australia and most countries of the world. As climatic conditions become less favourable during the onset of winter, rodents move indoors for both shelter and food. In commercial premises, rodents can be a year-round problem and mice can attain plague proportions in rural areas.


Integrated Pest Management involves consideration of all control procedures, including attention to sanitation and hygiene, trapping, proofing of entry points and use of baiting procedures. All control procedures are preceded by a thorough inspection of the entire premises to identify the rodent and to define the extent of the infestation.



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