In the past seven years Advance Pest Control has installed Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting systems as far afield as Witchcliffe, Manjimup, Collie and Falcon, along with the Greater Bunbury area and Busselton.
Successful outcomes have occurred at all sites.

Documentary evidence is available to verify the following information.


Our first Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System was installed in December of 2003.

A house in Brunswick was being attacked by termites that had the potenetial to cause severe damage to the dwelling.

The nest was eliminated and the monitored full in-ground system picked up several new nests trying to attack the house over the next few years. These were also eliminated using the non poisonous Requiem bait.

On the seventh anniversary of installing the Exterra System, we again have another termite nest “knocking on the door”, wanting to attack the house.

Three in-ground stations are active and have been baited. The nest will be eliminated over the next couple of months.

A lot of people wrongly believe that after initially eliminating a termite infestation, there will be no further problems. It is vital to have ongoing protection and Exterra provides this with 100% peace of mind.

Timber flooring on their new indoor basketball courts were being attacked by termites in 2006. Termites were eliminated by using the Exterra above ground baited station and since, several nests have been dealt with by the perimeter in-ground station system, before they could attack the complex again.

Waroona Recreation Centre - Waroona

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Termites were found in the sub-floor, dining room and roof void of this house that had been treated with chemicals for many years by a local competitor. The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting system eliminated the initial problem and the installation of the in-ground stations around the house provided the owners with much needed peace of mind.

Roger & Bev Mc Cutcheon - Eaton


A modern, spotless outlet could not prevent on infestation of cockroaches, An integrated pest management program not only eradicated but will prevent any future infestations.

Subway - Bunbury

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Set in the beautiful bushland setting of Leschenault the Exterra System have attracted then eliminated at least 7 colonies of foraging termites from around their house.

Murray & Leanne Boyne - Leschenault


A rodent management plan put in solved a long running problem of rats and mice invading their office from nearby low lying paddocks.

MGM Logistics - Picton


An older style building with numerous hiding places did not prevent a successful cockroach eradication program with no disturbance to the running of the hotel.

Premier Hotel - Collie

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Having termites attacking the middle of the well stocked music store was a frightening experience, as this was not their first time with the termites. The Exterra System again ” Saved the day” by eliminating the termites and having a full perimeter system protecting the shop 24/7

Collins Music - Bunbury

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